Falerno del Massico Primitivo DOC Serena – Vitis Aurunca

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“SERENA” – Falerno del Massico Primitivo DOC

Falerno del Massico DOC is part of the Campania region, situated in southern Italy.

The vines enjoy an excellent level of exposure, enriched by the well-drained, tufa-rich volcanic soils on which they thrive. Their close proximity to the sea, despite a hillside elevation, means the grapes are kept healthy by the cool air currents and mature steadily.

Falerno is considered one of the most ancient grape, vinified by ancient Romans who believed it was created by the God of wine himself: according to legend, Falerno was the name of an old man that lived in the Falerno wine Cru.

Vitis Aurunca

The company Vitis Aurunca was born from the passion of a group of agronomist and farmers to rediscover the peculiarities of grapes grown by ancient Romans in regions of Campania and Lazio.

The proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea, which influence the local microclimate, and the volcanic soil, contribute to the special peculiarities of wine.


“SERENA” – Falerno del Massico Primitivo DOC

COMPOSITION: Primitivo grapes


PLANTS DENSITY: 3125 plants/Hectare


HARVEST PERIOD: Last decade of september – first decade of october

VINIFICATION: After a care select process of berries pre and post destemming, the grapes are crushed and fermented for 20 days at a temperature of 25° C. After that whe wine is aged for 15 months in Steel and for 3 months in new oak barrels.

WINE PAIRINGS: Simply the best with roast beef, red meat, mozzarella and well-aged cheese


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