Chianti DOCG – I Mori

Chianti – I Mori

Chianti derives its name not from the grape used to make the wine, which is Sangiovese, but from the region where it is made. The Chianti region is located in Tuscany, that romantic area of central Italy known for its sweeping landscapes, burning hot sun and its wealth of art and food history.

Chianti is currently the most popular Italian red wine in America


The company I MORI was founded in the early 70’s, when the family Giannelli decided to redevelop its small farm, which has gradually grown since then. The company is situated on the hills surrounding Florence, in the Chianti area, and the main crops are, naturally, the vines and olive-trees. In 1997 the family Giannelli bought a new company in Montalcino, the Podere CANNETA, producing Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino.

Today, the Canneta winery is stilla family run business, focused on ensuring the Authenticity and “Tuscanity” of its products.

Pairing: Chianti pairs perfectly with red sauces. This could be any style of tomato pasta… for example arrabiata, marinara or bolognese. When considering the best red wine for Italian food, Chianti even pairs fantastically with fresh pizza! The acidity of the wine is very much similar to most tomato based sauces, making this wine a perfect fit.


Chianti DOCG – I Mori

Territory: On the hills surrounding Florence.

Grapes: Sangiovese 80%, Canaiolo 10%, Merlot 10%.

Color: Ruby red.

Bouquet: A scent of fruit.

Taste: Dry, slightly tannic.

Serving temperature: 18-20° C.

Foods: Wine for the entire meal, dishes of Tuscan cuisine.


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