Spreading the fineness and flavors of Italy — one story and one bottle of wine at a time.

Passion For The Things Done Well

EDV International imports and distributes high-quality, hand-selected Italian wines.

We personally visit each vineyard and only purchase wines with rich histories produced by people who are passionate about honoring the traditions of Italy. Our goal isn’t to just fulfill the current demand, but to educate and empower our customers to enjoy dolce vita.

Wine and Friends make a Great Blend

We like thinking that EDV does not sell wine, but rather sells bottled emotions. Our wine selection undergoes a long process. We personally explore and scout small vineyards and taste different grapes, until we think we found a wine that fits the concept of Dolce Vita.


La Dolce Vita is an Italian phrase meaning the sweet life, a life that should be lived to the fullest. It involves luxury and pleasure of varying degrees, it is a way of life, enjoying each moment of the day and savoring it. Life is a celebration, and it has to lived slowly with mindfulness.

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